About Tryst

Tryst is a free online game for couples. Playing Tryst with your partner will help you to plan more quality time together and spice up your love life. While completing user-created tasks, you will both be encouraged to plan romantic evenings together, learn more about each other, play creative games, explore role-playing, and even participate in some truly kinky activities! Perhaps even more important, you will play, compete, laugh, and have fun with each other. It’s no secret that playing a romantic game for couples can be beneficial for your relationship.

Tryst is not like any other game for couples

Tryst is not played in a single sitting using dice or a deck of cards. Instead, a game of Tryst consists of a series of tasks that each of you must plan and perform with each other. As you might expect, many (but not all) of the tasks are rather naughty in nature! 

Each Tryst task can take anywhere from less than one hour to a whole evening to complete. The amount of time is up to you really, since you are responsible for planning the execution of your tasks. A full game of Tryst takes place over an extended period of time, and a full game could take from weeks to months or years to complete. The pace is up to you!

Tryst couples game table.
Tryst couples game table.

Tryst is customizable and always changing

One of the most exciting features of Tryst is that the task database is always changing and being updated by its users. Members have the ability to write their own creative, sexy (and sometimes kinky!) custom activities to personalize their experience. Custom activities that you create can either be used privately in your own game or optionally contributed to the public database for use in the games of other members. 

Custom task creation makes Tryst a game for couples that can be completely personalized to your liking. 

See the images below for some examples of game activities.

Sample task 1 for Tryst, a game for couples.
Tryst sample task 1.
Sample task 2 for Tryst, a game for couples.
Tryst sample task 2.

Tryst offers variety, options, and feedback

Tryst tasks are sorted into several different categories, with increasing levels of difficulty or complexity within each of the categories. The game also provides you with options for exchanging assigned tasks if you are uncomfortable or are simply unable to complete a task. After completing a task, the score that you receive depends upon the task level and the score given by your partner.

Register for free to play Tryst

A free SparkNovo account is required for each partner in order to play Tryst. Accounts are necessary to track your progress and personalization options. Having separate accounts also make it easier to keep planned activities a surprise for your partner.  

Once one partner has completed registration, the other partner can be sent an invitation email from the Tryst game panel. We respect your privacy. The only information required for registration is a valid Email address. 

View the Tryst Game Guide for a more complete description of this game for couples.

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