Site updates: Fun spinner game for couples and game sharing

Over the last few months there have been quite a few changes here at SparkNovo. In addition to minor updates to many of the games, we have released a new spinner game for couples, Tryst Lite, and added a sharing feature to all of our games.

Tryst Lite: A spinner game for couples

To play Tryst Lite, each player spins the game wheel and is assigned tasks from the same 6 sexy categories that are used in Tryst. The biggest difference between these games is that Tryst Lite is more like a traditional bedroom game that can be played in a single sitting, taking the average couple about 1 hour to play. The game also tracks clothing layers and can incorporate any additional items that you have available (toys, food, etc). We hope you have lots of fun playing this spinner game for couples with your partner!

Spinner game for couples, Tryst Lite
Tryst Lite Game Page

Visit the Tryst Lite Game Guide to find out more about the game or the Tryst Lite Game Page to play. Like all games at SparkNovo, Tryst Lite is free to play and registered site members can create their own custom tasks and games.

SparkNovo Sharing

SparkNovo sharing icon

The new SparkNovo sharing feature has been added to all of our games. Now you can share your custom tasks (Tryst and Tryst Lite) and custom games (Sex E-Dice and Poker Dice) with the SparkNovo community. What’s even better is that you can explore sexy tasks and kinky games submitted by other users and save them to your library to enjoy with your partner.

To share with the SparkNovo community click the share icon next to your custom games and tasks. Items that have been recently shared by other users will be visible on your game pages (near the bottom), and the full list of game/task shares are available on the share page for each individual game. When viewing a shared item, you will have the option to edit and save the game or task to your personal library.

We know that privacy is important to our site members. When viewing shared tasks and games, users are only identified by their user name, which is visible to all site members by default. User Nicknames are only visible to registered members who are Tryst game partners (added on the Tryst page). Member contact information is never shared with anyone.

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