Site Redesign, Game Name Change

SparkNovo website redesign

The SparkNovo website redesign is nearly compete. You may not notice very many changes overall. The biggest change was to the layout of the home page, which hopefully provides for better navigation. The forums, which were plagued by spam, have been disabled. We hope to replace the forums with an alternative in the near future. The games themselves have changed very little, so these changes should not affect your overall experience.

SparkNovo (the game) is now ‘Tryst’

The biggest change here at SparkNovo is that the SparkNovo game has been renamed ‘Tryst‘. We apologize if that causes any confusion. Tryst is the exact same couples game that you have come to love, we promise!

The SparkNovo website was started mainly to feature a single couples game: SparkNovo. Now that we have started developing other bedroom games (like Sex E-Dice for example) we thought that having one of our games and the website share the same name might seem strange. Instead of renaming the website, we decided to rename the game. While this might be confusing for some of our current members, it will hopefully avoid confusion for new members.

We hope you like the new site design and are looking forward to new games we have under development. If you encounter any problems on the new site or would like to share any comments please contact us at

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