Guide for Tryst: A Couples Game

SparkNovo Account

To get started with playing Tryst, you will need to register for your free SparkNovo account. We respect your privacy. The only information required for registration is a valid Email address. 

There are some important differences between your SparkNovo site profile and your gaming profile.

Your SparkNovo site profile can be found by clicking your name in the logged-in form. This takes you to your profile where you can view and change your preferences for site notifications, screen names, email addresses, site social features, profile photo, and other similar features.

Your Tryst profile is found on the Tryst game page. This is where you can track your Tryst partners, games, custom tasks, and game notification preferences.

An important difference to note is the visibility of your names and how they are displayed to other site members:

  • username: This is your unique SparkNovo login username that you chose at registration (visible as @username in your profile).
  • Name: This is your display name. Other members of the site will see this name when you use features outside of Tryst (e.g. direct messaging other members).
  • Nickname: This name is used for in-game use. Only your current partners will be able to see this name.

Only your Name and Nickname are editable within your profile after registration. Your Gender selection in your profile (also editable) is similar to your Nickname in that it is private and only required for use in the game.

General Gameplay

Each player is assigned a series of tasks within different categories of activities. Points are awarded for completing tasks. The total points awarded depends on how well the task was completed, as judged by your partner. The number of points accumulated by each player determines their level in each of the categories. Point rewards increase with each level, but so do task difficulty and the amount of preparation required. Options are available to allow for exchanging tasks that players do not want to complete.

Select Tryst in the main menu to access your couples games page. On this page, you can manage current partners, games, custom tasks, and game settings.

Launch page for Tryst, a couples game.
Tryst launch page.


In order to play you’ll need a partner, otherwise it wouldn’t be very much fun! To add a partner, you can either request to partner with an existing SparkNovo member (use the search form to find them using their email address) or you can send an email invitation to your partner (using the email form). Once a partner request has been initiated, it needs to be accepted by the other partner before play can begin. Once a partner is confirmed, a game between the partners is initiated. From the confirmed partners menu you can play the current game with that partner, reset the current game with that partner, or delete the partner from your confirmed partners list.

Custom Tasks

The custom tasks menu is where you can createeditdelete, activate and submit your custom tasks. The edit page is self-explanatory. There are help bubbles on the custom task page to guide you through the process. 

The activate button makes a task available in your games. When set to off, you can view and edit the task, but it will not be among the possible tasks in your games. Tasks can be submitted for inclusion into the database for all users of Tryst using the submit button. Once a task is submitted, you won’t be able to see it in your custom tasks and it won’t be available in-game until approved by an administrator (you may be contacted by email). Please follow the guidelines below for submitting a custom task:

  • Do not submit copyrighted or plagiarized material.
  • Double-check your spelling and grammar. Feel free to ask other members for help.
  • Try to not submit tasks that are similar to others already in the database.
  • Changes may need to be made to the task text, category, or level. You will be notified of any major changes.

Game Settings

Game Settings include your preferences for Tryst game notifications. On this page, you can select for which game and partner events you would like to receive email notifications. These notifications can be useful to notify you when your partner has made selections in the game. Note that these notifications are different from account notifications, which include site-wide notices, account changes, and private messaging; these settings are found within your profile, which can be viewed by clicking your name while logged in to SparkNovo.

Game settings for Tryst, a couples game.
Tryst game settings.

Couples Game Table

To access your current game with a partner, click the play button in the Partners table. The following items should be visible on the Game page.

Tryst couples game table.
Tryst couples game table.


The categories that the tasks are divided into are listed on the left side of the couples game table. Some of these only become visible once you have completed certain levels within other categories (for example, category 1 level 1 needs to be completed before category 3 level 1 is available). Category descriptions can be viewed by holding the mouse over the category image.


Points that you have acquired for task completion within each category are indicated on each row of the couples game table. Your total points are calculated at the bottom of the couples game table. The transaction row includes any point correction needed for point transactions you have completed, and includes points paid and received in the game in exchange for items (i.e., swap, shuffle).


There are three levels of tasks within each category. Your current level, and the level of the task that you are assigned, is determined by your point total in a given category.

Escapes: Swap and Shuffle

Swap or Shuffle can be used to exchange tasks that you do not wish to complete. Each player is given a few swaps and shuffles at the beginning of the game. Extra swaps or shuffles can be purchased in exchange for points. When you use a swap, your partner is given a choice of what task you will be assigned. When you use a shuffle, a new task of the same level is randomly selected for you.


When waiting for your partner to respond to a request, such as a confirmation of task completion or a swap, the waiting button will be visible in place of the GO button in the couples game table. Clicking the waiting button will display the details and offer you the opportunity to withdraw the request; however, once your partner responds to the request, withdrawing the request is no longer an option.

Task Page

Your currently assigned task within each category can be viewed by clicking the GO button. The task view includes the task name, category, level, and total maximum points for the task. Also included are descriptions of the planning required and how the task should be executed. Once you have completed a task, select the Complete button to submit the completed task for confirmation and point allocation by your partner. Other buttons include swap and shuffle; these buttons are used to swap or shuffle the current task for another one.

Sample task for Tryst, a couples game.
Sample Tryst task page.

Safety Warning

Please be safe and use common sense when playing and completing tasks in Tryst or any other couples game at SparkNovo. As game content has been submitted by site members with a variety of different tastes, experience, and backgrounds, there are going to be many different types of activities suggested. 

Remember that these activities are only suggestions. Some of these activities may be new to you, may require special safety precautions, or could even be downright dangerous. If you have doubts about anything, do some research of your own, discuss it with your partner, or ask for guidance from other SparkNovo members.

In-Game Notifications

The in-game notification system notifies players of important game events. The button to access your in-game notifications is found in the header of the game page beside your user name (see image). 

The Game Notifications page displays your new game event notifications as well as your dates (see image below). Date requests and replies, as explained below, are sent using the Datemaker.

Game notification indicator for Tryst, a couples game.
Game notifications button beside user name on game page.
Game notifications for Tryst, a couples game.
Tryst user game notifications table.


The Datemaker is exactly what it sounds like – a scheduling tool that allows you to send date requests to your partner and reply to requests from your partner.

Datemaker link in Tryst, a couples game.
Datemaker button on Tryst task page.

Each date request that you send is linked to one of your assigned tasks. To send a date request, use the Datemaker button at the top-right on the task page; it looks like a small calendar (see above image). 

The Datemaker allows you to enter up to three possible dates for your partner to select from. There is also a text box at the bottom of the form that you can use to send your partner a short message (see image below). Here you can let them know how much time will be required, how they should prepare, what they should wear, and any other special instructions they will need. Avoid giving away too much information and ruining the surprise!


Datemaker in Tryst, a couples game.
Tryst Datemaker request form.

Tips for planning and completing Tryst tasks

Planning to spend time together is important and scheduling date nights is the perfect way to achieve this. Most Tryst tasks are intended to either require an evening to complete or at least be a part of an evening that you plan to spend with your partner. This makes Tryst a perfect online couples game for providing date night ideas. 

The most important part of playing Tryst is the planning and completion of tasks. Coincidentally, this is also the most fun and most rewarding part of the game! The best way to approach each of your assigned tasks is to treat each one like a date night that you are planning for your partner. Here are a few tips on how to successfully plan and complete your tasks.

Schedule a date night:

Without giving away too many details, schedule the date with your partner. Consider using the Datemaker option within Tryst game for scheduling. Give your partner enough information so that they know how to prepare for the evening. How much time will they need? What should they wear? Are there any other special instructions they need to be aware of? It’s okay to only reveal certain details about the evening at this time. You can provide your partner with more information as the date gets closer. Remember that a little bit of mystery and suspense is always a good thing!

Plan the date night:

Plan your evening together based on the task description. Remember that the task description outlines the minimum requirement for the task. You should consider going beyond this minimum and plan a full evening together. Planning might involve making reservations, conducting research, gathering required items, or going shopping for any of the items you don’t already have. 

For all tasks completed at home, regardless of whether it is mentioned in the description or not, spend some time thinking about setting the mood in the room. Use subdued lighting and/or candles that will be softer on the eyes. Listen to some light music that you both like, if appropriate. Food and drink is also a nice addition, even when not directly involved in the task. These are but a few examples. Be creative and come up with some new ideas!

Make final preparations and complete the task:

Date night is finally here, so make any final preparations as required and prepare yourself. Depending upon the task, you may have to do this while keeping it a surprise. This might be a challenge but do your best! Also, remember to provide your partner with any last minute instructions. Once you have completed the task, don’t forget to submit it as completed using the button on the couples game table. This will notify your partner that they need to approve the task completion and assign your points.