Tryst Lite Guide

About Tryst Lite

Tryst Lite is an exciting bedroom game for couples that is similar to Tryst. The biggest difference between these bedroom games is that Tryst Lite uses a spinner wheel and can be played in one sitting, with an average game taking 1-2 hours. In comparison, the original Tryst is a longer, task-based couples game that requires several evenings or dates to complete.

In Tryst Lite, each player spins the wheel and is assigned a series of tasks from the same 6 categories that are used in Tryst. The 6 categories are:

1. Hopeful Romantic: Romantic gestures, fun activities, and tame bedroom fun!

2. Not Bored Games: Games and physical play with an adult twist!

3. Advanced Sex Ed: Teach and learn – practice makes perfect!

4. Sensual Stage: Conventional roleplay for lovers… if there is such a thing!

5. Strange Love: Kinky activities and bizarre roleplay!

6. Authoritative Arousal: Explore BDSM. Have your bread buttered on both sides!

Registered members can create their own custom bedroom games and tasks in their account (more on how to do that later). Unregistered site visitors can play the basic version from the Tryst Lite launch page.

Tryst Lite Launch Page
Tryst Lite Launch Page

Tryst Lite Launch Page

To play this bedroom game, fill out the form for Player 1 and Player 2. Enter each player’s name and select their sex. Next, select the clothing layers from the drop-down menus that reflect what each player is currently wearing. This step is important because the game tracks what each player is wearing at all times.

The Game Options settings modify how the game deals with missed spins. A missed spin is when a player spins the wheel and lands on a category for which they have already completed a task at the current level. The penalty for a missed spin can be a combination of missed turns and clothing removal/replacement. 

Max Missed Turns determines how many turns a player can miss in a row on subsequent failed spins before being automatically assigned a task. The default Max Missed Turns is set to 1. Increasing Max Missed Turns increases the number of missed turns and can create bigger differences in each player’s current level. 

Removal Probability is the chance of being penalized by removing clothing or replacing your opponent’s clothing when a spin is missed. For example, at 70% (the default setting) there is a 70% chance of removing an item of your clothing and a 30% chance of replacing an opponent’s clothing item. Naturally, the faster that clothing is removed, the faster the game will heat up! 

The Items Available list is used to select which items you have available for use during the game. Some tasks require certain items, so for the best experience it is best to have as many of the items as possible.

Once the form is filled out, press the Play button to proceed to the Game Page.

Game Page for Tryst Lite Bedroom Game
Tryst Lite Game Page

Playing Tryst Lite

A player’s turn is indicated by their name tag slowly flashing – this player should click the wheel to spin it. Once the wheel stops, both players should follow the directions for the task that is displayed. A timer is provided when a task is assigned that requires it. 

To complete a level, a player must complete a task within each category at that level. Each player’s current level for each category is indicated with stars under their name tag. If a player lands on category that they have already completed at the current level, they may miss a turn and be penalized (clothing removal or opponent clothing replacement) based on the Game Options selected when the game was launched. 

To win the game, a player must complete all 3 levels within each category before their opponent. 

Gameplay Tips

  1. Do not refresh the browser page. This will reset the current game to the beginning.
  2. Keep an open mind… but use common sense! Some of the tasks presented to you might be embarrassing or strange. Going outside of your comfort zone and trying something new with your partner is one of the best reasons to play a bedroom game. Embrace the opportunity!
  3. Keep your assigned task a secret. This is optional. Hide the screen from your opponent while you spin the wheel and perform your task. Only give your partner the information they need. Keeping your task a surprise will create more excitement. In order to prevent cheating, you should allow your opponent to view the task description once it is has been completed.
  4. Try to have as many items from the ‘Items Available’ list as possible. This will allow for a greater variety of tasks to be available during the game. If you don’t have many of the listed items, maybe it is time you consider acquiring some new toys. Also, don’t be afraid to substitute similar items. For example, if you don’t have a blindfold you can substitute a scarf.
  5. Food items that work best are small individual items. Things like soft candies, sliced fruit, berries, small cupcakes, and so on. For syrup, things like honey, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, or fruit spreads should work well. Drinks can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. See here for some more ideas on food and drink.

Tryst Lite Customization

As mentioned earlier, a free Sparknovo account is required to create and save your own custom bedroom games. This includes Tryst Lite games and tasks. When you are signed in, you can access your games from the main Tryst Lite page. Here you can launch, create, edit, and delete games. Tasks that have been removed from your games will be listed under Unassigned Tasks where they can be reassigned to any of your custom games.

Custom Tryst LIte Games Table
Custom Tryst LIte Games Table

Custom Games

When creating a new game or editing an existing one you are presented with the game edit form. Player and game information can be stored along with your game using the top part of the form. 

When creating a new game, there is an option to copy all of the Tryst Lite default tasks into your new game. This is handy as it speeds up the game creation process. If you do not want to include these tasks, leave the checkbox unchecked.

When editing an existing game, each individual task can be edited or removed from the game using the buttons beside the task.

Tryst Lite Game Edit Page
Tryst Lite Game Edit Page

Editing Tasks

The Task Edit form allows for complete customization of the task. The appropriate Category and Level for the task is selected near the top.

The Task Text can be edited and should incorporate the special codes suggested on the form. The codes allow for inserting player names and pronouns automatically. This is especially important when tasks are appropriate for both players or both sexes. The Timer value should be set to the required number of seconds. If a timer is not needed it should be left at 0. 

The Spinner is the person who is spinning the wheel. This player is generally the more active player in completing the task. The Opponent is the Spinner’s partner. For each of these players, select which sex the task is appropriate for – most are appropriate for both sexes but sometimes it is helpful to be able to create sex-specific tasks. 

The Clothing Requirements should be set according to whether the particular layer must be present, must be absent, or has no bearing on the completion of the task for each player.

Items should also be selected accordingly, whether they are required to be available, required to be unavailable, or are unimportant to the current task. 

An important point to note when creating a game is that at least one task must be available for each player at each level/category. If not, the game will produce an error. As an extreme example, if all tasks in a game require Food to be available, and Food is not indicated as being available when the game is launched, the game will fail to find any valid tasks. 

Tryst Lite Task Edit Page
Tryst Lite Task Edit Page

Safety Warning

Please be safe and use common sense when playing and completing tasks in Tryst Lite or any other bedroom game at SparkNovo. As game content has been submitted by site members with a variety of different tastes, experience, and backgrounds, there are going to be many different types of activities suggested. 

Remember that these activities are only suggestions. Some of these activities may be new to you, may require special safety precautions, or could even be downright dangerous. If you have doubts about anything, do some research of your own, discuss it with your partner, or ask for guidance from other SparkNovo members.